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Everyday, the competition grows more fierce. In the game of success, each player is savvier than the last and standing out has become increasingly difficult. Whether your goal is to drive sales, deliver content or simply just stay relevant by keeping up with the times, we are your solution to making it happen.

THE 4-1-1

We are a Social Media Management company focusing on building brands through their social network presence. We partner with businesses who are looking to take their operation to the next level by utilizing the revolutionary tool that is Social Media. We focus on the exposure of your account by driving 100% real traffic in the form of views, followers and likes to promote your brand.

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In order to keep your brand relevant, you need to have an online presence and simply having an account isn't enough these days. You need to be actively searching and identifying accounts that can relate to your brand and engage with them by posting content, gaining likes and new followers. Hiring someone for this can get quite expensive which is why most businesses don't do it. What if we told you we had a very cost effective solution?

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It all started when...

Arnold Travel realized they had a problem - they were losing sales due to not having an online footprint. They quickly learned that investing in a website was not enough. Different subjects such as SEO and Social Media would play a huge role in the new world that they had just entered. They tried to save on costs by handling social media internally. They soon realized that this was taking time and resources away from mission critical processes. At that point, they thought that outsourcing might be the way to go so they hired independent consultants. Thousands of dollars later, they saw that each and every single one of these experts over promised and under delivered. They had no results to show for their investment as these so called experts simply over charged them to then delegate the account to an assistant. Their Social Media footprint did not reflect the message that their brand communicated.

In comes Varemar, the only social media management company that focused on delivering actual user engagement while preserving the integrity of a 1 to 1 service model where each client has a dedicated representative who is 100% accountable for the success of each social media account. 

Varemar handled all of their Social Media under 1 roof! Varemar got their social media pages in front of an audience that this small business previously did not have access to by posting content with strategic hashtags relative to their brand message, engaging with users that had a genuine interest in what this company did via likes, and solicited Arnold Travel's niche by sending these users messages in an effort to generate sales!

A month later, Arnold Travel has over 2,000 new followers and is getting daily messages from new prospective clients. They average 132 likes per picture with comments from users that love their page! As the world of online sales gets harder, Arnold Travel's brand credibility and improved online reputation has given them the confidence to take on the big boys!



The Benefits of Social Media 

We have outlined some of the business impacts that you can achieve when you partner with Varemar. Check them out by clicking below!

build your brand

stand out and stay ahead of the competition

return on investment (roi)


Arnold Travel is a travel agency and is a regional leader among its competitors. They have been in business for over 30 years and continue to grow at a strong rate in spite of the decline within travel agencies as a whole. 

"We knew we needed to begin investing on an online platform to keep up with some of the major competitors. We setup our online platform but struggled to gain traffic. Partnering with Varemar solved this for us! They have managed to get our company in front of new customers by attracting them to our website via social media. I am very pleased with the results and would recommend them to anyone looking to take their business to the next level!"

- Cecilia C., CEO and President

vital foods

Vital Foods is a family-owned and operated business based out of Northern New Jersey. They pride themselves in their mission to offer consumers a healthy alternative to what already exists, but with much better taste and at a great cost! All of their products are screened, tested and selected by the owners themselves before bringing them to the market. We took this account from inception to where it is today.

"As a new company, we were a bit intimidated by social media. Our competitors did it well but they also had a much larger budget than we do to bring in consultants and to hire people. After teaming up with Varemar, I can safely say that our social media presence puts that of our top 3 competitors to shame. Partnering with Varemar was one of the best decision we have made so far."

- Nora G., Sales Manager



Successify is an account that is dedicated to promoting positivity and encourages the development of strong mental management. We took this account when they had about 30 followers and were averaging about 2 likes per post. 

"We decided to give Varemar a shot. Since then, we have had other accounts reach out to us for partnerships and reposts. Most importantly, we are beginning to amass a strong following of users that truly appreciate our content and engage with us on a higher level than ever before."

- Sebastian V., Page Administrator





Introductory PackageLet us handle the tedious aspect of building your brand! We will take care of the day to day nuances of building your online presence by growing your followers, likes and ultimately - USER ENGAGEMENT! *Please note that our introductory package does not enable us to post daily on your behalf. 


Fundamentals PackageThis package covers all the service we offer with our introductory package. It also empowers us to post daily on your behalf! No more time spent on finding the perfect picture, caption or constantly monitoring the time to get the post up when you think most people are on. Let us worry about the details!


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